Learn the basics of music theory at Spokane Public Library, with free music lessons. Learning to play a musical instrument can raise a child’s IQ and improve reading and social skills. And it’s not just for kids, if you’re an adult and thinking of taking up a new hobby, free, virtual lessons are a great place to get started. No experience needed and we supply the instrument for the lessons. To accommodate everyone wanting to take lessons, please sign up for one lesson per week.


Continue your personal growth TODAY with the regenerative power of music!

We offer:

  • Private Guitar Lessons
  • Private Bass Lessons
  • Private Drum Lessons
  • Private Piano Lessons
  • Private Ukulele Lessons


About Music Education Specialist Andy Rumsey

You’ll be learning from Spokane Library’s Music Education Specialist, Andy Rumsey. Andy discovered contemporary music in the form of punk rock and it changed his life. Music was always something that interested him, but after witnessing firsthand the energy of a live rock-and-roll concert he was hooked. It was a short jump from listening to songs to learning to play those songs to writing songs of his own.

After that, music was all he thought about. Andy began playing and writing every chance he got; staying up into the early hours of the morning (often falling asleep with a pen and notebook in his hands), rushing home from school to squeeze in a practice before dinner or sitting in the hallway at school to put down his inspiration before it was lost to distraction.

Since then, Andy earned a degree in audio engineering, developed a background in music theory and built up fifteen years of live performance and studio composition experience. He is thrilled to be the Music Education Specialist at Spokane Public Library so he can bring his passion for music to the community.


Who can take lessons?
Anyone, starting at age 10. No prior experience necessary. Lessons will cover introductory music theory and contemporary techniques.

Do I need an instrument?
We’ll provide an instrument and equipment for your lesson, but you can also check out an instrument pack to practice at home.

Do I need my own instrument to practice at home?
You can check out one of our instrument packs so you can practice at home.

Where are the lessons held?
The lessons are currently held virtually and appointments may be booked here.

When are lessons offered?
Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Additional questions? Email Andy at arumsey@spokanelibrary.org.