Mental Health Awareness Month | Book List

 May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Here is a list of books that deal with mental illness by addressing things like depression, anxiety and OCD, and more.               Juvenile/Middle Grade Alvin Ho: Allergic to Girls, School, and … Continued →

Rainbows | Opening Act(ivity)

          Hi, my name is Lisa. On Wednesday mornings, I host the Opening Act(ivity) Program at the Northtown location. Today’s activity involves rainbows. Can you name all the colors of the rainbow? Next, I would like … Continued →

Art Break | Writing Letters & Postcards

Hey all, it’s Eva with another “Art Break.” We are collaborating with Spark Central to present a program called “Stay Home and Correspond.” I’ve always written letters and postcards, and while working from home I’m taking more time for this than ever before. Social … Continued →

Simple Self-Care | Library @ Home

Librarian Clara shares some tips for simple self-care in this presentation. Read some of the tips below and even more ideas for parents and families in the link above. “While the suggestions I’ve given here are not for everyone, SELF-CARE … Continued →

Continuous Line Drawings | Opening Act(ivity)

  Hi, my name is Lisa. I usually host the Opening Act(ivity) program at the Northtown Branch on Wednesday mornings. For today’s activity, you will need paper and something to draw with. Continuous Line Drawing is when you use a … Continued →

Art Break | Rock Painting

Hey all, it’s Eva. I’m the Arts Education Specialist at the Downtown Library. Normally, I arrange for all the art shows at the Downtown Library and lead Crafternoon sessions, but I’m working from home right now, so I’ve incorporated Crafternoon … Continued →

Art Break | Marker Floral Design

This week, I practiced drawing flowers and leaves with markers. I don’t have a lot of markers at home, just a pack of Crayolas and some old markers from the Martha Stewart craft line. I used a lightweight watercolor paper, … Continued →

Play-Doh Sculptures | Opening Act(ivity)

Hi, my name is Lisa.  I host the Opening Act(ivity) program at the Northtown Branch. For today’s activity, I hope that you can locate some Play-Doh or clay. This is a sculpting by hand exercise with a twist. You cannot … Continued →

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month 2020

Spokane Public Library is excited to celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month this May with a variety of virtual offerings!  Register to participate in our virtual events and you will receive an email with a link with instructions on how to … Continued →

Simplifying Your Life | The Office

If you want to simplify your life, where do you start? Follow Clara’s lead on how to clean and organize your home one room at a time! Lesson 4 | The Office Start simplifying your life with the office! Walk with Clara … Continued →

Making Time for the Important Things

These last few weeks have been hard for many of us for many different reasons. My reasons deal almost exclusively with time management – lack of socializing, being a full-time student, working, yoga, and being an only-parent of 4 (3 … Continued →

Seeking Business Relief?

LivePlan, the library’s business planning software publisher, has some helpful articles about the various business relief programs passed with the CARES act. Here’s the overview of the PPL that I find easy to use and understand: This program is administered by … Continued →