Other resources you can access from home

In times like these, it is encouraging to see organizations coming together to support their communities! While the library offers a ton of awesome resources for free, check out these free resources from organizations all over the world. Reading and … Continued →

Library resources you can access from home

You may be experiencing some cabin fever or be seeking distraction with everything going on in the world. Keep yourself busy with a variety of digital resources from the library. Early Learners/Kids/Teens Kanopy Kids | Kanopy Kids has great choices for … Continued →

Reading List About Viruses and Pandemics

              Reading List About Viruses and Pandemics, not specific to Covid-19 If the coronavirus outbreak has you wanting to better understand infectious disease, here are some titles that may help. The Pandemic Century (Book or hoopla audiobook) … Continued →

Black History Month 2020

              In recognition of Black History Month, Spokane Public Library is hosting a variety of events throughout the month of February. A range of topics will be discussed from the cultures of Nigeria and Malawi, to … Continued →

SPL’s Recommended Reads of 2019

Can you believe it’s the end of the year? And an end to a decade? 2020 is right around the corner, but we want to share our recommended reads of 2019 before we move on. The Other Americans by Laila … Continued →

Celebrate Banned Books Week

What are banned or challenged books and why do we celebrate Banned Books Week every September? According to American Library Association, a challenged book is “an attempt to remove or restrict materials, based upon the objections of a person or group,” … Continued →

Books for Hispanic Heritage Month

While Hispanic Heritage Month only lasts four weeks, it’s always a good time to read from authors you may not have before. We have a variety of books written by Hispanic authors at the library. Go beyond your favorite genre … Continued →

Hispanic Heritage Month for Kids!

Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to celebrate and reflect on how Hispanic culture shapes our country. This is especially expressed in the form of children’s books. Below is a list of powerful stories to read to kids about Hispanic culture … Continued →

Lilac City Live – September

Join us for the next Lilac City Live! on September 20th. A “late night” talk show featuring local Spokane talent at the Downtown Library — Drinks! Music! Authors! Artists! Comedians! It’s guaranteed to be a fun time. And it’s a great opportunity to … Continued →

Lilac City Live @ Pig Out in the Park

Join us for the next Lilac City Live! at Pig out in the Park on August 30. A “late night” talk show featuring local Spokane talent, this time at the Ribbon Stage — Music! Authors! Artists! Comedians! It’s guaranteed to be a … Continued →